[Fiction Masterlist] Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean
Fiction & Graphics Masterlist

Ficlet Collections
Not an Average Lord - Beckett, G 
Behold, a Pale Horse - Beckett, PG
It's Lord Now, Actually - Beckett & Weatherby, G
25 Beckett/Groves Sentences - Beckett/Groves, PG
16 Beckett Sentences - Beckett, PG

Standalone Fics
Poorly Kept Secret - Beckett/Groves, G 
Release - Beckett/Weatherby, NC-17
Worlds Apart - Beckett, G
It's 3am! - Beckett/Groves, NC-17
Angel from my Nightmares - Beckett & Weatherby, G
Whispers at Dawn - Beckett & Groves, G
Just a Little Lightning - Beckett, Groves & Norrington, PG 
A Good Night's Sleep - Beckett & Groves, PG 
Together We'll Sink - Beckett, Sparrow, Black Pearl, Endeavour, PG
Twice I Died - Beckett & Groves, PG
Thrice I Died - Beckett, PG
Keep Running Up That Hill - Beckett/Norrington, NC-17
Shatter but don't Scatter - Beckett/Norrington, NC-17
Seasons - Beckett, G
Paint - Beckett & Davy Jones, PG
A Day in the Life - Beckett/Elizabeth, Mercer, Saunders & Estrella, G
Alpha - Beckett/Norrington, NC-17+ 
Blind the Eyes of Mercy - Beckett & Elizabeth, PG
Blue. Blood. Black. - Beckett/Norrington, PG
The Lion and the Commodore - Beckett/Norrington, NC-17
Silk and Satan - Beckett/Norrington, NC-17
Checkmate - Beckett/Norrington & Elizabeth, PG
Little Wooden Ship - Beckett & Norrington, G
Justice & Betrayal - Beckett, PG
Sins of a Sinner - Beckett/Jack, PG

Storybook Series
Secrets of the World - Beckett, G
Secrets of the World 2 - Beckett, Groves & Mercer, G
The World Was Hers - Beckett, Groves, Norrington & Mercer, G
Tickling Kittens - Beckett & Weatherby Swann, G

Prompt Fics
January Prompt Fics
February Prompt Fics

March Prompt Fics

June - August Prompt Fics
September Prompt Fics

Original Links:
I'm Alive - Nerves, Beckett & Will, Minion for Fairielore
The Pearl for your Heart - Anger, Barbossa/Beckett, To Feel Nothing for Sunsetdawn20
Fire - Anger, Barbossa/Beckett, To Feel Nothing for Sunsetdawn20
Friends Fornever - Gambling, Beckett & Jack, Needle of the Compass for Fairielore
Hit Me - Fight Club, Beckett/Norrington, Butterfly for Cassiopaya
Bound & Begging - Bound, Beckett/James, Cravat for Sunsetdawn20
A Difference of Opinion - Original Characters, Saunders/McNally, In the library with the rope for Cassiopaya
I Don't Like You - Original Characters, Saunders & Mercer, "I don't like you" - "The feeling is mutual" for Cassiopaya
Map of You - Three Sentences, Beckett/Groves, Map!Sex for Fairielore
Everything They Were Not - Threesomes, Beckett/Groves/James, You Bruise So Easily for Sunsetdawn20
Considerably Smaller and Far More Valuable - Festivity, Beckett/Jack, Unwrapping His Gift for Sunsetdawn20
Broken apart, thrown away together - Transcendental, Beckett/James, Breaking and Broken for Fairielore (expanded into full fic)
Shatter - 5+1, Beckett/James, 5 times Beckett broke James and one where James broke him for Sunsetdawn20
Beckett's New Steed - Lt. Groves, Beckett/Groves, Pet for Sunsetdawn20
We'll do it all again - Futuristic, Beckett & Norrington, There and back again for Fairielore
Unavailable - Adolescence, Beckett/Mercer, Pretty Young Thing for Cassiopaya
They Call Him Unique - Uniform, Beckett & Mercer, Tailor Made for Fairielore
Its Rider's name was Death - Apocalypse, Beckett & Caesar, Behold, a Horse that was White for Cassiopaya
Gambit - Single Sentence, Barbossa & Beckett, Flip a coin for Fairielore
Rebirth - Single Sentence, Beckett/Calypso, Wolf for Fairielore
Little Toy Guns - Fantasy, Beckett & Will, Toy Guns for Fairielore
Freedom at Dawn - Beach, Beckett & Elizabeth, Parasol for Fairielore
Remember - Despair, Beckett/Will, A place in this world for Fairielore
There is No Excuse for this Fic - Bad Fic & Cracktastic Crossovers, Beckett/Jack, Cutler and the Chocolate Factory for Cassiopaya (crackfic)
Judgement & The Ship has already Sailed - Poetry, Beckett & Norrington, Haiku for Cassiopaya
The Love is Hate - Poetry, Beckett/Elizabeth, Inspired by Sylvia Plath for Cassiopaya
The Fox and the Hound - Jealousy, Beckett/Norrington, Green-eyed monster for Cassiopaya
Fidelitas - Heraldry, Beckett/Elizabeth, Fidelitas for Cassiopaya
Spin of the Dice - Roaring '20s, Beckett & Mr. Monopoly, Pass GO and Collect $200 for Cassiopaya
Spider Silk - Marry Me, Beckett/Elizabeth, Pale Bride for Fairielore

Breathe - Beckett/Davy Jones, Tentacles for Pktaxwench
Beckett/Mercer - Pairing Chain 2

DMC Cutler Beckett Icon Set - 7 Icons of Lord Cutler Beckett
AWE Mixed Icon Set - 16 Icons of Lt Groves, Groves & Beckett, James Norrington and more
AWE Cutler Beckett Icon Set - 21 Icons of Lord Cutler Beckett
PotC Big Bang Art - Laughing Wild Manip Set (Jack, Will, James) & Liberties Icon Sets (Elizabeth, Will, Weatherby)

Manip Sets
DMC Manip Set Pack - 4 Sets of Graphics of Beckett, Mercer & Elizabeth.
AWE Manip Set Pack 1 - 7 Sets of Graphics of Beckett, Groves & Greitzer.
AWE Manip Set Pack 2 - 6 Sets of Graphics of Beckett, Norrington, Jack, Weatherby & Will.
25 Mini Banners - 25 of Beckett, Norrington and More.
4 Fiction Banners - 4 Banners of Beckett with Groves & Weatherby.

Character Squares Template
Square: Lord Cutler Beckett
Square: Admiral James Norrington
Square: Lieutenant Theodore Groves
Square: Governor Weatherby Swann by Lolitalockhart!

Trading Cards
3 Deck Covers & Deck Previews - Deck of Kings, Deck of Swords, Deck of the Deep
Release 1 Character Cards - 12 Character Cards
Release 1 Equip Item Cards - 13 Item Cards
Release 1 Use Item Cards - 13 Item Cards

Lord Cutler Beckett - Lord Beckett, digitally inked & coloured
Art & Manip Set - Lord Beckett, Admiral Norrington & Elizabeth Swann, digitally inked & coloured
Christmas Gift Art - Lord Beckett, Dumbleby Swann & Davy Jones, digitally sketched & coloured  
Beckett on Caesar
- Lord Beckett & his horse, digitally sketched
PotC Big Bang Art - Young Elizabeth Swann and Young Will Turner art

Types of Household Servants - notes useful for creating servant OCs
Beckett's Family - Beckett family member OC notes

PotC Big Bang Art
Big Bang Art
My art for the PotC Big Bang.

Laughing Wild by captsparrow4evr
Liberties by luvvycat 

Laughing Wild

Captor & Captive Manip Pack with Haunted Banner: 


Little Elizabeth Swann & Little Will Turner

Icon Set: 

Memories Set: 

[Trading Cards] PotC - 13x Use Item Cards
Pirates of the Caribbean
Trading Cards

13x Use Item Cards - Release 1

Use Item CardsCollapse )

[Trading Cards] PotC - 13x Equip Item Cards
Pirates of the Caribbean
Trading Cards

13x Equip Item Cards - Release 1

Equip Item CardsCollapse )

[Trading Cards] PotC - 12x Character Cards
Pirates of the Caribbean
Trading Cards

12x Character Cards - Release 1

Noble CharactersCollapse )

Soldier CharactersCollapse )

Pirate CharactersCollapse )

[Trading Cards] PotC - 3x Deck Covers & Card Previews
Pirates of the Caribbean
Trading Cards

I have made 38 Trading Cards for your piratey amusement! Because most of my screenshots are of Beckett, a lot of the items have him in them but I tried to create a variety with what screenshots I had. Here are the 3 decks covers and preview images. I actually took more screenshots after completing the decks, and planned to make some Ship cards in particular but I've yet to find time. The overall idea of the game is you get 3 characters and 6 items max in play on your side, and 1 ship. When you have sent all of the opponent's characters to the Locker and they haven't replaced them, you can then use your characters to fire your ship's cannons at their ship, until they run out of health and their ship sinks. But since I've yet to make ship cards you can't really play it like that yet.
Deck CoversCollapse )
Deck PreviewsCollapse )

[Art] Beckett on Caesar
Beckett on Caesar
Beckett rides his handsome steed!
Drawn without references, but I remembered Beckett's pretty frilly lace sleeves!

[Prompt Fics] Sep 2010 + Apr 2011
A reposting of my Prompt Fics for September 2010 & April 2011.

Theme: Fantasy
Date: 03/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Will, Toy Guns
For: Fairielore

Little Toy GunsCollapse )

Date: 05/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Elizabeth, Parasol
For: Fairielore
Freedom at DawnCollapse )

Theme: Despair
Date: 06/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Will, A place in this world
For: Fairielore

RememberCollapse )

Theme: Bad Fic and Cracktastic Crossovers 
Date: 08/09/10
Prompt: PotC/CatCF, Jack/Beckett, Cutler and the Chocolate Factory
For: Cassiopaya

There is No Excuse for this FicCollapse )

Theme: Poetry
Date: 09/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Norrington, Haiku
For: Cassiopaya

JudgementCollapse )

The Ship has already SailedCollapse )

Theme: Poetry
Date: 09/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Elizabeth, Inspired by Sylvia Plath
For: Cassiopaya

The Love is HateCollapse )

Theme: Jealousy
Date: 14/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Norrington/Beckett/Mercer, Green-eyed monster
For: Cassiopaya
The Fox and the HoundCollapse )

Theme: Heraldry
Date: 15/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Elizabeth, Swann Motto: Fidelitas
For: Cassiopaya

FidelitasCollapse )
Theme: Roaring '20s
Date: 19/09/10
Prompt: PotC/Monopoly, Beckett/Mr. Monopoly, Pass GO and collect $200
For: Cassiopaya

Spin of the DiceCollapse )

Theme: Marry Me
Date: 30/09/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Elizabeth, Pale Bride
For: Fairielore

Spider SilkCollapse )

Date: 18/04/11
Prompt: Beckett/Davy, Tentacles
For: pktaxwench

BreatheCollapse )

[Prompt Fics] Jun - Aug 2010
A reposting of my Prompt Fics for June, July & August 2010.

Theme: Lt. Groves
Date: 01/06/10
Prompt: P
otC, Groves/Beckett, Pet
For: Sunsetdawn20

Beckett's New SteedCollapse )

Theme: Futuristic
Date: 14/08/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Norrington, There and back again
For: Fairielore

We'll do it all againCollapse )

Theme: Adolescence
Date: 15/08/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Mercer, Pretty Young Thing
For: Cassiopaya

UnavailableCollapse )

Theme: Uniform
Date: 25/08/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Mercer, Tailor made
For: Fairielore

They Call Him UniqueCollapse )

Date: 26/08/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett + Caesar,
Behold, a horse that was white
For: Cassiopaya

It's Rider's name was DeathCollapse )

Theme: Single Sentence
Date: 31/08/10
Prompt: PotC, Barbossa/Beckett, Flip a coin

For: Fairielore

GambitCollapse )

Theme: Single Sentence
Date: 31/08/10
Prompt: PotC, Beckett/Calypso, Wolf

For: Fairielore

RebirthCollapse )

[Fic] Sins of a Sinner
Title: Sins of a Sinner
Author: Shytan
Rating: PG
Characters: Lord Cutler Beckett, Captain Jack Sparrow
Summary: A glimpse into the machinations of a sinful Lord, and how he came to be.
Warnings: Very mild slash implied
Notes: This was meant to be a fic, but it turned out a bit like an analysis really.

Sins of a SinnerCollapse )


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